Why I Can’t Find Music on Instagram: 5 Simple Solutions

Raja Sharma

Updated: February 4, 2023

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Google searches for “Why can’t I search for music on IG?” have recently increased among certain Instagram users. as they have experienced issues when attempting to add music to their posts and tales.

The issue could be brought on by a number of things, including geo-restrictions, corrupted app files, and service outages!

Continue reading to find out more and a practical solution!

Why am I unable to do a music search on Instagram?

With Instagram’s “Music” function, users can add their favourite songs to posts, stories, and reels to express themselves through music. Additionally, it’s quite simple to do so and only requires you to click a few extra buttons when posting!

But why does the function occasionally fail to function? Well, as long as you’re attempting to use the feature from your professional account, the typical explanation is that Instagram prohibits business accounts from playing music for commercial purposes.

Imagine, though, if you run into the problem on your personal Instagram. In that instance, it might be brought on by a number of factors, including out-of-date software, geographical limitations, server issues, or unstable software as a result of corrupted local data.

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How Can I Fix Instagram’s Broken Music Search?

It’s imperative to fix a broken Instagram music library if you want to utilise the service to its full potential. Having said that, we present five fixes for the aforementioned problems below.

1. Return to “Personal Account”

It merely takes a few simple steps to switch from a “Professional” to a “Personal” account, which could help you regain Instagram’s permission to publish music:

– In the bottom-right corner, tap the Profile symbol;
– In the top-right corner, click the hamburger menu.
– Select “Settings” and then “Account.”

source: guidingtech.com

– Tap “Switch account type” after swiping down;
– Press “Switch to Personal Account” to confirm.

source: guidingtech.com

Log out of Instagram after finishing the above- mentioned steps, give it some time, then log back in. At this point, you should be able to post any song you like.

2. Updating the Instagram Application

Instagram “Music” may not function properly if you have been using an outdated version of Instagram for some time or it may not yet be available in your version of Instagram due to bugs. It is therefore time to update Instagram!

The procedure for updating both Android and iPhone is the same:

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play;
Look up “Instagram” and select the result;
To instal the updated version, tap on “Update.”

Note: Enable automatic updates to prevent future use of buggy apps!

3. Delete & Reinstall Instagram

It merely takes a minute and a few simple steps to reinstall Instagram if updating it does not resolve the problem:

Click “Uninstall” or “Remove app” after holding down the app icon for a few seconds.
follow whatever instructions that are given;
reach out to the App Store or Google Play;
Click “Install” after searching for “Instagram.”
Once you’re finished, log back in to see if the problem still exists.

Note: Try signing out of Instagram and cleaning its cache and data before reinstalling it. By doing this, you return the app’s settings to their default state, which might solve the issue.

4. Using a VPN Service

Due to your location, region restrictions may occasionally affect the functionality of your apps or restrict you from using particular services in any way.

If geo-blocking prohibits you from using Instagram’s music library, you must deceive the service into believing you are located in an area that is not restricted.

A virtual private network (VPN), a service designed to reroute your internet traffic and conceal your location, is the best way to accomplish so.

It should be noted that premium VPN services work with all operating systems and let you instal their software on many devices. Check out this list of the Top 5 VPNs of 2023, which are effective enough for hackers as well, if you’re looking for the best one available.

5. Check if Instagram’s Server is Up & Running

Instagram may perform improperly due to server problems and disconnections. However, in such circumstances you are powerless and must wait for the platform to repair its server network. However, third-party websites like Downdetector allow users to constantly monitor the condition of Instagram’s servers.


With millions of users using it to enhance their daily posts, Instagram’s “Music” sticker has grown to become one of the platform’s most well-liked additions in recent years. Users are therefore left confused when the service breaks: “Why I Can’t Find Music on Instagram?” Fortunately, they can attempt a variety of remedies, and most likely one of them will work!


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